Impacted Canines near Glen Burnie MD

It is not uncommon for teeth to be impacted or blocked from properly entering the mouth at the appropriate time. Many patients are familiar with impacted wisdom teeth that need to be removed, but few people know that the canines are the second most common tooth to become impacted! Canines in the top jaw become stuck or impacted in about 2% of the population and is twice as common in females as it is in males. Canine impaction may be caused by various factors including the size the of the arch and other localized, systemic and genetic factors.

The most important aspect of treating impacted canines is diagnosing the problem early. When this is intercepted at an early age, the management of the case is most desirable. However, if the canines are impacted many orthodontists and oral surgeons work together to bring the impacted tooth through the gums. In this case, the surgeon can surgically expose the teeth and allow them to erupt natural or use a bonded attachment and orthodontics to force the tooth to move.

The management of impacted canines is very important for both esthetics and function. Various techniques have been used to expose impacted canines. Your oral surgeon and orthodontists will help you decide which option is best for you!