Nerve Repositioning near 21061

The inferior alveolar nerve is a large nerve that runs through both sides of the bottom jaw. This nerve gives feeling to the lower lip and chin. When the teeth on the bottom jaw are lost due to trauma, disease, extraction, or other reasons, the bone around the alveolar nerve begins to deteriorate. Often times, this bone resorbs quickly and only a few millimeters may be left to place a dental implant. This makes replacing the teeth nearly impossible.

A nerve repositioning procedure may be required if a patient has lost a significant amount of bone on the lower jaw and would like to replace their bottom teeth. The nerve is moved so that there is room for the dental implant to be placed into the bone.

Often times, the outer section of the jawbone is removed to expose the nerve and the canal it is held in. The nerve is then isolated and slightly pulled to the side. The dental implants may be placed at this time or they may be placed once healing has occurred. The surgical site is filled with bone graft material and the area is left to heal. As stated earlier, the surgery may simply be moving the nerve or may include placement of dental implants. Your doctor will let you know what option is best for you.